Felipe Croce/Organic/Espresso Roast 1kg

Carrow Coffee Roasters
€45.00 1 kg Felipe Croce/Organic/Espresso Roast 1kg


Variety: Arara | Process: Natural  | Altitude: 900-1000 MASL | Harvest: August 2022 | Producer: Felipe Croce, Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza | Region: Agua Limpa, Mogiana, São Paulo State

Nutty and rich, with notes of cherry, macadamia nuts & dark chocolate.

The Croce family began the transition from conventional to organic farming in 2001, ditching the use of chemicals and offering farm workers a 50% ownership of the coffee they planted. They quickly gained a reputation for being ‘crazy farmers’ among locals. Today no one thinks they are crazy. Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza is a model farm, a network of farmers and a center of coffee studies. The beans in this lot are also delicious, with a complexity and density of fruit notes rarely seen in Brazilian coffees.

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