Carrowgarry Farm is helping to rebuild local food economies

We believe that changing the way we produce and distribute food is fundamental to solving the world’s most pressing social and ecological problems.

About Carrowgarry Farm

Hello! We are Paola and Andrew and we grow certified organic vegetables at Carrowgarry farm in Beltra, Co. Sligo, right beside the Atlantic Ocean.

Carrowgarry farm has been in Andrew’s family for generations and we’re honoured to work and live here. Vegetables are grown in two large polytunnels and an outdoor area of a third of an acre, located in a beautiful walled-garden surrounded by apple trees.

We strongly believe in locally-grown, nutrient-dense, seasonal food. It tastes better, is more nutritious, fresh and environmentally friendly.

One of the main lessons learnt from past years is the importance of building a healthy soil and this has become our main priority. Healthy soil will both increase the quality and the capacity of crops to be resilient to climate stress, pests and disease.

Seasonality is also key to our ethos and we would like to see more and more people eating what is available in each season. You won’t taste better tomatoes than ours in the summer!

Fair prices for farmers and artisan food producers is vital

We pay our suppliers at least 50% of the retail value for any products we buy in, and when dealing with wholesalers, we check to make sure they pay fair prices to their growers.

The benefits of buying local

Local food supports local economies. Food grown in the local community supports local jobs and encourages variety in our diets. It also requires less transportation, so it's fresher and has a smaller environmental footprint.

Fresher food

Reduced food miles

Support local jobs

Respect for the food system

Fewer preservatives

Better value for money

Reduced packaging

Paola and Andrew have created an amazing business at Carrowgarry Farm. I have been getting the seasonal veggie boxes for past two seasons. The quality, choice and flavour of the vegetables is truly amazing. It’s so easy to order online!

— Eva

We've got some great people

Meet some of our committed Carrowgarry Farm crew who work hard to bring you the tastiest local food. If you would like to be part of the team, get in touch.

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